Thursday, January 16, 2014

The SIXTH Psychedelic Fantasies module is now available!

Paul Keigh (author of the 4th Psychedelic Fantasies module, Dreams of the Lurid Sac) is back at it with Streams of the Lucid Crack. As you can tell from the similarities of the titles, these two modules work well together, but each is a stand-alone adventure.

If you like the weird, the alien, and the strange, presented with clarity and rigorous logic, then Streams of the Lucid Crack is for you. The players in your campaign have never encountered anything like this. Even for a Psychedelic Fantasies module, this one is off the beaten path. Take a look at the free preview pages for a taste of this unique work.

Each stand-alone adventure module in the Psychedelic Fantasies line revels in unconstrained imagination. Every monster, every magic power, and every magic spell is a unique and never-before-seen creation of the author. No orcs, fireballs, or +1 swords will be found within. Leave the familiar behind to explore hitherto undreamed of wonders…

Compatible with every old school version of the original fantasy role-playing game.

Available here:

Here is the entire line of Psychedelic Fantasies modules:

Keep those submissions coming. Perhaps your submission will be the seventh Psychedelic Fantasies module.


  1. Will you be offering a print version as you have with the others?

  2. No, the Psychedelic Fantasies modules are now pdf only.

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