Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Extra Stuff for Dreams of the Lurid Sac

Paul Keigh's new Psychedelic Fantasies module, Dreams of the Lurid Sac, is packed with information. I even had to cut some stuff to make sure the module would fit on 16 pages. Here are some tables from the Introduction that didn't make the cut:

The outermost opening of the Sac - the Mouth - is shrouded by a miasma and may be concealed within a larger structure, while the comings and goings of the various occupants and interlopers may spread rumours and leave clues. The tables below offer a few suggestions.

Where is the Mouth? (1d10)

1. Among the roots, vines or canopy of a worldtree, wood or jungle
2. In the slope of an undulation on a burial ground or battlefield
3. In a hollow, niche or fissure in a rocky outcrop, cliff or cave
4. In the wall of a sinkhole, well or pit, or a mine shaft or adit
5. Beyond the collapsed wall or floor of a cellar, crypt or dungeon
6. Under the ashes or rubbles of a razed or ruined village or town
7. In a secluded corner of a suite in a keep, manor house or palace
8. Within a protective circle at the heart of an eldritch structure
9. On a gigantic exoskeleton, preserved corpse or decomposing mass
10. Among the tissues and cavities of a long hibernating worldbeast

What have you heard? (1d10)

1. A deep lode has been sealed off by an immense ore-feeding beast.
2. The camps are abuzz with rumour of living caves that bleed gold.
3. Local creatures are behaving oddly and migrating out of season.
4. A pack of 10-legged pilferers have been tracked to a crazy lair.
5. A trusted local claims to have found a snout buried in the earth.
6. The airs have spoiled, the soils turned and fare grows unsavoury.
7. A luminescent globule is begging for coins out along the trails.
8. The coinage is being debased by unknown means as the people sleep.
9. A golden aurora has appeared almost overhead and is waxing bright.
10. Dreams are troubled by visions of blazing forests and metal towns.

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