Friday, October 11, 2013

More Extra Stuff for Dreams of the Lurid Sac

The Qludi and the Hot, Hot Sounds of the Lurid Sac

This is a second post of supplementary material for running the fourth Psychedelic Fantasies module, Dreams of the Lurid Sac.

This time it's a whole new monster, the qludi, a specialised form of invasive guided by the mysterious surgeons from beyond the Incisions...


The qludi is a smaller variant of the scrudo, modelled on the adhesive aerial fleebr rather than the bheekl, and used by the surgeons primarily to clarify communication with outlying invasives. It is growing ever more common as the rival explorations progress outwards through the Sac.

Assuming that no allied invasives are present, a qludi will use its calling stalk in combat: if this stalk attack is successful, the blast requires an insufficiently shielded opponent to save or be incapacitated for 1d6 rounds, with a 1 in 3 chance that each invasive component which the victim wears or carries is destroyed; the reordering caused in the victim also permanently reduces one randomly determined attribute by one point.

Qludi: lawful / neutral / chaotic; 90' (30'); 1 HD; AC as chainmail; 1 toolset (1d6) + 1 stalk (special); SV 8+; may fly at double speed

- - - - -

Rather than adding the qludi to the Sac encounter tables (see Dreams of the Lurid Sac), it could be placed along a line of optimal relay points: 1d3 could be spaced out between each first encounter with an invasive supervised by a given surgeon, other than a pruba, and the chamber holding the source Incision.

As an invasive the qludi is not fully adapted to its environment, requiring approximately one turn to unfurl an opening. However, it is able to ignore the effects of local gravity and similar forces at will and at any time attract or repel any or all forms of matter, as per the standard invasive spells. Surgeon level is 1d10+5, alignment is that of the surgeon, and treasure at destruction is 1d3+1 rolls on the Invasive Components table.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Extra Stuff for Dreams of the Lurid Sac

Paul Keigh's new Psychedelic Fantasies module, Dreams of the Lurid Sac, is packed with information. I even had to cut some stuff to make sure the module would fit on 16 pages. Here are some tables from the Introduction that didn't make the cut:

The outermost opening of the Sac - the Mouth - is shrouded by a miasma and may be concealed within a larger structure, while the comings and goings of the various occupants and interlopers may spread rumours and leave clues. The tables below offer a few suggestions.

Where is the Mouth? (1d10)

1. Among the roots, vines or canopy of a worldtree, wood or jungle
2. In the slope of an undulation on a burial ground or battlefield
3. In a hollow, niche or fissure in a rocky outcrop, cliff or cave
4. In the wall of a sinkhole, well or pit, or a mine shaft or adit
5. Beyond the collapsed wall or floor of a cellar, crypt or dungeon
6. Under the ashes or rubbles of a razed or ruined village or town
7. In a secluded corner of a suite in a keep, manor house or palace
8. Within a protective circle at the heart of an eldritch structure
9. On a gigantic exoskeleton, preserved corpse or decomposing mass
10. Among the tissues and cavities of a long hibernating worldbeast

What have you heard? (1d10)

1. A deep lode has been sealed off by an immense ore-feeding beast.
2. The camps are abuzz with rumour of living caves that bleed gold.
3. Local creatures are behaving oddly and migrating out of season.
4. A pack of 10-legged pilferers have been tracked to a crazy lair.
5. A trusted local claims to have found a snout buried in the earth.
6. The airs have spoiled, the soils turned and fare grows unsavoury.
7. A luminescent globule is begging for coins out along the trails.
8. The coinage is being debased by unknown means as the people sleep.
9. A golden aurora has appeared almost overhead and is waxing bright.
10. Dreams are troubled by visions of blazing forests and metal towns.